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Repost: Why Ethnicity Matters for Bone Marrow Matches

I'm reposting this entry from several years ago since Fight For Phoebe changed blogging platforms and this article wasn't previously available from this website. I think that it's pertinent now as it was then. I did change the article I link to since the original is nowhere to be found.

"Diversity" has become something of a buzz word in corporate circles; it's used in vision and mission statements, and you'd probably be hard pressed to find a company's core values that didn't reference diversity in some way or another.

When it comes to the National Marrow Donor Program registry, minority donors are significantly underrepresented, as these numbers from show:

  • Caucasians have a 97% chance of finding a donor match

  • African-Americans have a 76% chance of finding a match

  • Asian-Americans have an 84% chance of a match

  • American Indians and Alaskan natives 90%

  • Hispanics have an 83% chance of a match

There's an excellent article at DKMS discussing why registry diversity matters--I highly recommend it!

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