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Support Us!

First and foremost, we're about community. We're lucky enough to have tremendous support from not only our local community, but the greater histio and orphan disease communities as well.


We use 100% of our fundraising proceeds for specific causes. For example:

  • We raised more than $13,000 with our three memorial runs (held September/October each year) for the Matthew and Andrew Akin Foundation.​

  • We have an annual Phoebe's Birthday Fundraiser where we partner with local restaurants and businesses to raise funds for Hospice of the Chesapeake's "Days of Joy Program," which offers pediatric hospice families with a customized outing for family bonding, quality time, and shared celebration to help mitigate the adverse emotional and social impacts of their child’s illness. Last year we raised and donated $8,000 from this event to Hospice. 

  • This year, 2023, we hope to match that with our Phoebe's Birthday Fundraiser on Thursday, December 7th, 2023--Phoebe's actual birthday!

We also partner with Be The Match because of the importance of bone marrow transplant and research. Registering as a potential donor is critical, especially for minorities.


We do recognize that not everyone can participate in these events, and we've had a lot of question from folks around the world asking how they can support us. If you wish to donate to our general fund (which will still be used to support services and causes like those above), we welcome your donation!

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